Private Sector Payroll

gestion paie entreprise privée

Why ?

Outsourcing maximises the quality of service delivered to your employees—ensuring their satisfaction. This is a powerful incentive to higher all-round performance. We ensure this by selecting the software solution which we wholly tailor to your business needs.

An equally important RES HUMANA benefit is quick access to expert advice. We are available to support you across-the-board from regulatory watch, to advice on sensitive issues such as the optimal size and cost of your workforce. We process the delivery of payslips and salary entitlements in strictest compliance to regulations and legal deadlines.

Outsourcing relieves your organisation of the complexities of administrative and tax returns. And reduces the risk of error.

RES HUMANA guarantees you absolute confidentiality on all aspects of your organisation’s compensation policy and payroll issues. RES HUMANA has developed a three-fold range of outsourcing options for private businesses. The option that best meets your needs is modular and can be further customised to meet your most detailed requirements:

Solution 1 : Fully out-of-house software solution dedicated to the management and administration of your internal payroll work

Freedom from payroll constraints!

You stay in control but are released from tracking and responding to changes in tax and labour law. Their consequences on payroll software and management are no longer your worry.

You access a purpose-designed on-line payroll management interface. Its development and management is our core business. Why not leave the complexities to the experts? and concentrate on what you are best at—your core business!
We factor in the legal constraints of collectively negotiated agreements and their payroll outcomes whether applied nationally, locally or by sector. Our service covers:

  • Comprehensive verification of the internal consistency of your payroll data
  • On-going verification of the status and amendments of collective and other agreements that
    apply to your workforce’s salary entitlements
  • Returns to labour and other administrative authorities

RES HUMANA guarantees compliance to legal deadlines and the reliability of its returns.
Freed of payroll management constraints, your in-house Human Resources staff concentrate on the key issues of internal productivity and workforce motivation.

externalisation de la paie
externalisation paie

Solution 2: Outsourcing payroll management

If your objectives are to :

  • Cut the time spent on administration,
  • Transfer to experts the risks of non-compliance to increasingly complex employment regulations,
  • Keep control over information and guarantee the confidentiality of employment data,
  • Access more efficient HR management tools.

RES HUMANA’s service provides :

  • Comprehensive FULLY ACCOUNTABLE payroll management,
  • Oversight of and discharge of obligations to Social Security and similar organisations,
  • Management of labour contracts: drafting and amending, hiring and firing…
  • Fast access to sources of expert advice.

Solution 3: Access to outsourced software and assured payroll services

You decide to keep payroll management in-house, but seek the benefit of additional assurance :

  • Guarantee of compliance to legal requirements
  • Precision setting of parameters
  • Ensuring that the data processing capability you access, matches your payroll and compensation requirements and meets the objectives of your human resources strategy

Based on prior analysis of your needs, RES HUMANA can if requested offer you a forward-looking service that provides immediate out-of-house back-up whenever needed— we are then on contractual standby to take over from your in-house systems if they go down, whether on a scheduled or unscheduled basis..

Also, on a tailor-made basis, we can place at your disposal a full or part-time account/payroll manager entrusted with tasks at your discretion including :

  • Payslip production
  • Payroll oversight
externalisation paie

Payroll management,
A specialist skill :

societe externalisation paie

There is far more to payroll management than “pressing the right button.” It requires expert knowledge of labour law, of technical procedures and of skills in the interpretation of statutory legal obligations. Cut-and-dried solutions are not always available and input from experts ensures compliance to both letter and spirit of agreements at cross-industry and in-house levels.
RES HUMANA qualified payroll managers place the following skillsets at your disposal :

  • Familiarity with the rules of personnel management,
  • Mastery of of payroll and personnel data to ensure the accuracy of financial returns to tax and administrative authorities,
  • Payslip issuance and dispatch of information required by administrative and tax authorities,
  • Regular monitoring of employment data (corporate social responsibility, labour relations, statistics, annual assessments …)

RES HUMANA is a provider of payroll management services for numerous small and medium-sized companies, associations, institutions and public sector establishments across a wide variety of activity sectors throughout France. We are also accredited IPRP (CARSAT, DIRECCTE), and certified OPQCM in recognition of our professionalism.